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Holidays are just around the bend!

Hey there friends,

I just wanted to let everyone know of the Holiday package sale that I'm doing with both Gather Round and The Horse Fell Lame. I'm selling both CDs for $15! Perfect timing for those who drain their bank account to it's last penny.  

Here is the link:

Please retweet and Like it on your various social media platforms.  

Thank you so much for your support, and if we don't see each other before- have a wonderful holidays.



Hello!  It has seriously been too long.  I'm sure you've felt the same.  

So while I've been hibernating, some interesting things are happening.  Good news is I have able to write a good deal.  So, hopefully in the next couple of months I'll have something in the form of audio gold to share with you.  

Also, a good friend of mine Jeff Venable was able to stop in Louisville from his humble abode in Nashville TN, and low and behold- He had his camera on him... so we shot a couple videos.  Both of these songs are from my record Gather Round, (which you can find by hitting that beautiful button on the upper right hand corner of your screen), the title track Gather Round, and a sweet little tune I like to call Marie.

So here is the link to those.  Give'm a look and listen... put them on your facebooks and tweet the tweedy out of 'em.

Thank you all.  I look forward to our next meeting.



Gather Round 2011 Where to buy:
The War EP 2011 Where to buy
The Horse Fell Lame 2009 Where to buy


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